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by John Tiffany, Jack Thorne and J.K. Rowling

This is an abomination of the Harry Potter series and of the characters people have come to love over the course of seven magnificent books. I’ve never hated anything as passionately as this book.

Why? There’s a million reasons why. Basically, the story is illogical. What’s more, nobody acts like they’re themselves. JKR has created so many adorable, unique, great characters, but somehow, somewhere after „all was well“, they’ve all changed their personalities completely.

Hermione Granger being too stupid to hide a time-turner? You know, that Hermione Granger who’s supposed to be the brightest witch of her age. Voldemort having a child? You know, that guy who did everything to become immortal…why would he want an heir? Cedric Diggory becoming a Death Eater because he failed at the First Task? This guy was pure Hufflepuff, honest to the bone. This is the guy who was so good at heart that he didn’t take the Triwizard Cup when he could. This guy – a Death Eater? No way.

Also, Harry and Ron. You’ve got to be kidding… Harry Potter, the neglected orphan boy who nonetheless grew up to be such a loving, selfless person…this Harry Potter being a bad father? Ron Weasley being a stupid sidekick?

This was written by someone who never read the books but worshipped the movies where all of Ron’s strong moments, his dry cleverness, his irony and his achievements were given to Hermione, who was portrayed as the infallible, perfect person who had to save the boys all the time.

I wanted to burn it after I read it, but it was a friend’s copy, so I didn’t. Maybe it’s a good play to watch because of special effects, good actors etc, but this text is a catastrophe and a disgusting try to make money, nothing more. How anybody can actually say that this is „the best Potter book“ is beyond my imagination.

This is the embodiment of a one-star book. I hate it. Absolutely hate it. I’ll never understand why Rowling gave her name to this one. It’s so bad that I wrote my own HP fanfic just to erase this storyline from my brain.


  1. Agreed, she ruined everything, the time travel makes no sense. Voldy had a kid, a kid, this dude. Draco malfoy is a better dad than harry, bloody Draco!!!!. Then the demon trolley witch(oh my God, what the freak is this.)
    Don’t get me started on the blanket.

    You wreaked harry potter, I didn’t think it was possible.

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