Yes, here they are: books that disappointed the hell outta me. They’re BAD. Why? I shall explain.

#10: A Sky Beyond the Storm by Sabaa Tahir

I sort of knew what was coming because the last book in Sabaa Tahir’s Ember series was already a disappointing ‚WTF‘ for me, but I’d hoped that the ending would still be epic. And it was epic. But filled with all the tropes I hate, so I did not enjoy this one. It was pretty much a trainwreck for me and I can’t get over the feeling that Tahir had only outlined the first book and not the rest of the series when she published ‚An Ember in the Ashes‘. Cause I feel like she’s making things up as they come, I can’t explain all of these inconsistencies any other way. She CAN write, but the whole plot was all over the place imo. Also, I never could make myself care about Helene. She’s just so useless. I mean, how can you have an inner conflict while deciding between your best friend a complete psychopath who just happens to be the emperor? There shouldn’t be a conflict. The decision is an easy one.

#9: The Slow Regard of Silent Things by Patrick Rothfuss

200 pages of nothing happening that have had no effect whatsoever on me apart from making me more angry at Rothfuss for not releasing The Doors of Stone.

#8: Prince of Thorns by Mark Lawrence

A brutal catastrophe narrated from the villain’s perspective. The villain is a terrible Gary Stu who rapes girls already right at the start of the book so I could never connect to that guy. He’s just terrible. This whole thing’s terrible.

#7: The Thief by Megan Whalen Turner

The worst-written fantasy quest ever: a mage, a thief, and some other people go to steal something. Terrible, infuriatingly whingy protagonist. Illogical actions and character relationships. Then there comes a big twist out of nowhere and suddenly everybody’s awesome. Didn’t buy it, hate it.

#6: The Way of Kings by Brandon Sanderson

Yep, I also didn’t expect me to not like this one. Everybody kept recommending Sanderson, and I adore Brandon Sanderson as a person with all my heart because that man gives a FREE lecture on writing fantasy on Youtube which I’ve binged in two days. If you want to get into writing, you should check that out. Regarding this book, though: a huge letdown. Basically, it’s just worldbuilding and nothing else, just info and info and info coming from all directions. Too much for me: I DNFd it after 208 pages. First book I ever DNFd a book. As I can’t live with that and as I really enjoy Mistborn so far, it gets a second chance next February.

#5: The Man in the Iron Mask by Alexandre Dumas

This is the final sequel to ‚The Three Musqueteers‘ which is one of my all-time historical fiction favourites, and it was a huge disappointment. It had nothing of its brilliance and everything it did was ruining every single character, bringing out the worst of them and killing each and every one. WHY would you write this book? No idea. But I hate it.

#4: The White Prince by Matt Horton

An Indie fantasy book I read this fall that embodied everything bad fantasy books published via KDP include: there is no depth, no interesting characters, the plot is a huge trainwreck.

#3: Kissing the Coronavirus by M.J. Edwards

No words needed. By the way, there is now a sequel which is called ‚The Second Wave.‘ How fitting.

#2: Die Legende von Enyador by Mira Valentin

Same as #4, but worse. Also includes a dragon named Saphira that is a sex object. I’m not okay with that.

#1: The Painted Man by Peter V. Brett

Cheerioh, people, this is the worst book I read this year. My top three are pretty much interchangeable, but I think this is the worst one. Has a good basic concept but the way it’s done is just a complete catastrophe. Also, depiction of women is a MESS.

C’est tout, those were the worst books I read in this long year. I sure hope to avoid such experiences in 2021.

12 Kommentare zu „WORST BOOKS OF 2020

  1. The coronavirus one startled me into fits of giggles. Why did you even try that??? (Sorry, it just looks so bad at first blush I can’t imagine wanting to pick it up.)

    I actually liked The Way of Kings more than the first Mistborn book. Not that the Mistborn one was bad; I just enjoyed the former more. Maybe because I have more tolerance to worldbuilding? Sanderson is one of those authors in the ‚will pick up more when I have time‘ pile, and I was definitely planning to read third Stormlight book but just never got to it.

    Ah. The Thief. I wasn’t very impressed with this one either, and yeah that twist annoyed me no end. Also I probably had too high expectations for it. But the later books get very, very good–and not just in comparison to the first book; they had very good writing and plotting on their own. I don’t know why the first one was so … off.

    Gefällt 1 Person

    1. The Coronavirus masterpiece was all over my Goodreads feed, so I decided to look for myself 😀 Regarding Way of Kings: maybe I’ll like it. There’s still 1000 pages of it which I haven’t come to read. But I doubt I’ll enjoy it as much as Mistborn. The Thief: yes, I also had far too high expectations and I’ve also heard that the sequels, especially Queen of Attolia, are better. Maybe I’ll give them a try in a couple of years when my tbr isn’t as full (so it’ll never happen :D).

      Gefällt 1 Person

      1. I shall pass on the coronovirus masterpiece. Man. Why does it even exist. 😂

        I liked The King of Attolia best (haven’t read the final book in the series yet). It’s one of my favourite YA fantasy books–I was surprised by how much I ended up liking the series (minus that first book, which I’ve never revisited). Some of the cleverer things Eugenides does reminds me of Lymond, actually.

        Maybe the problem with the Stormlight Archive is the books are simply too long …

        Gefällt 1 Person

      2. Stormlight books are definitely too long. Everything above 700 pages has big parts than could basically have been shortened. Especially in a series. I‘m okay with that in standalones like Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell, but not when it’s a series. Just set your exit point for the next book earlier, for Christ‘s sake.

        Oh, you’ve used the magical L-word 😂 okay I’ll give the thief series another try. But not before 2022, my tbr is full 😅

        Gefällt 1 Person

      3. lol. I’m not trying to bait you into continuing something you actively dislike just because it has the L factor. But I did wonder if Turner read Dunnett and was influenced by her writing. There’s a surprising number of fantasy authors who’ve read Dunnett and cite her as an influence. I think you had Guy Gavriel Kay in your last list–he’s one of them.

        Gefällt 1 Person

    1. I haven’t seen another negative opinion on Booktube yet, but I guess that’s because all the others who didn’t like the last parts have given up on the series already… I’m the only fool who still had hope that the series would end as good as it started 😀 There are some mixed reviews on Goodreads which I’ve seen.

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  2. For some reason, I always love people’s least favorite books of the year posts so much more than the favorite books ones 😁 There’s just something so satisfying about a good rant! Although I’m not gonna lie – you’ve made me pretty terrified to read A Sky Beyond the Storm now… But I do agree with The Thief! I was so bored, I really don’t see what the fuss is about! 🙈 And as for your bottom three – thank you for your sacrifice, I truly appreciate you blessing us with reviews of these masterpieces 😉

    Gefällt 1 Person

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