Spoilery Series Review: THE INHERITANCE CYCLE by Christopher Paolini

Unpopular opinion time once again – here’s what I think about the Inheritance Cycle aka Star Wars with Dragons. Basically: it’s a good intro into the genre for kids. And that’s it.


Bewertung: 3 von 5.

Nice Fantasy introduction for kids – but not original for those who have seen Star Wars. Orcs called Urgals. Here comes: The Return of the Jedi… uh, Dragon Riders
Alleged son of a fallen knight of an old order who fell thanks to his father grows up with his uncle. The murder of this uncle leads him to leave his homeland – with a mysterious, old teacher who introduces him to the art of this lost order. On his journey, the hero saves a princess, learns that he has a sibling, loses his teacher and only at the very end meets the great villain in a single scene.
That’s right: the plot of the Eragon series is an uninspired retelling of Star Wars. In addition, there are the dragon riders of Cornelia Funke and the elves and orcs from the Lord of the Rings – abrakadabra: the bestseller is finished. Eragon is a prime example of what good marketing can make of a mediocre, unoriginal book.
Apart from the story arc, the first volume is definitely worth reading for children and teenagers who want to enter the fantasy genre. The second one is already weaker and from the third volume on it becomes an absolute full disaster with Roran Garrowson, the most ridiculous Gary Stu in history. Paolini seems absolutely unable to keep a thread through a book, and certainly not through a whole series: episodic storytelling is what happens, solutions suddenly present themselves on the side of the road.
As I said, a good introduction to the genre for children, but nothing more. None of this is original, the writing style is choppy and tedious, the main character pale. Eragon himself remains for me throughout the whole series an absolutely meaningless character – therefore this book gets only two stars from me. One star more for Saphira.


Bewertung: 2 von 5.

Eragon meets Yoda in Lothlorien and the Empire Strikes Back: he learns who his father is. But no one is being shock-frosted.
While the predecessor is „Episode IV – A New Hope“, here ‚The Empire Strikes Back‘ is retold. The young Padawan Eragon needs a new Jedi master after the senseless death of his teacher and finds Yoda in Lothlorien. Pardon: Oromis in Du Weldenvarden. However, the Elven Queen does not let him look in her mirror.
Minimally better written than Volume 1, but the language is still an artificial imposition without flow. The main character remains pale and runs after the princess, who does not turn out to be his sister – instead, someone else turns out to be a sibling. So Eragon learns that Darth Vader is his real father – uh, Morzan.
Like Luke, Eragon loses his duel in the end: Nevertheless, the Vardens win the battle despite being outnumbered because… Roran Garrowson, the legendary symbiosis of He-Man and Hulk, saves the day. The complete „Carvahall-defeated-the-soldiers“ storyline is an absolute catastrophe. The Ra’Zac and Galbatorix once again turn out to be completely incompetent villains. Eragon’s injury, which at least gives him some depth and inner dynamics/doubt, suddenly disappears. Sigh. Bad, two stars.


Bewertung: 2 von 5.

The Return of the Jedi Part 1 of 2.
Here things get really bad: Yoda dies, Eragon finally finds Andúril, Roran completes his transformation to He-Man.
In addition, one film became two books because two books can make twice as much money – a marketing technique that Paolini recognized before the Hobbit was split into a trilogy. Unsurprisingly, this part follows the corresponding part in the original Star Wars trilogy. The thread is finally completely lost, Roran’s narrative strand is one of the worst I’ve ever read: I’m unsure whether he’s He-Man or Conan the barbarian.
Galbatorix continues to fail to show his pretty face and waits calmly in his palace for his empire to collapse. By the way, Aragorn- sorry, but the name also sounds really SO similar – Eragon of course, Eragon finally comes to a sword with which he can destroy the Dark Lord. He has already finished off the Nazgul, huzzah! His love story with the unapproachable Arya (character traits: pretty, unapproachable, a third adjective doesn’t come to mind) is still an absolute fail. All other characters remain one-dimensional and without depth.


Bewertung: 1 von 5.

The story reaches its climax: Eragon and his friends storm the Death Star. Then he says goodbye to Sam and sails away from the Grey Havens.
Here, too, Galbatorix just chills and watches his empire collapse unmoved. Both the villain and the way he is ultimately defeated are a horrible disaster.
Arya gains more awesomeness levels and finally tells Eragon that she’ll never be interested, so that he sails alone from the Grey Havens and leaves Alagaesia.
Roran the Barbarian almost becomes new Imperator because he’s good at killing people. Finding those Eldunari is one of the worst cop-outs I’ve ever read.
All in all, just as bad as I had feared: no recurring thread. No character development, except a little for Murtagh. Thank God it’s over.

5 Kommentare zu „Spoilery Series Review: THE INHERITANCE CYCLE by Christopher Paolini

  1. I’m not gonna lie – I loved Eragon when I was about 10, so that book will forever have a nostalgic place in my heart 😍 However, the second book bored me to tears and I absolutely detested the romance storyline, which is why I actually never ended up finishing the series… 😅 So I do see where you’re coming from! I think my adoration of Drachenreiter was actually what drew me to Eragon in the first place, and when I read the Lord of the Rings for the first time soon afterwards, I also realized that maybe Eragon wasn’t the most original story… But no matter what, I will always like that first book, and I’m extremely impressed that Christopher Paolini wrote it at such a young age!

    Gefällt 1 Person

    1. I also loved the first book when I read it as a kid, but just like for you, the second one ruined things for me. The first one is a book I’d still recommend as an entry into High Fantasy for children, the rest is just a catastrophe 🤦🏻‍♂️And yes, it’s impressive that Paolini published it at such a young age, but he was older when he published the others and those were imo simply bad writing. Which is why I won’t pick up To Sleep in a Sea of Stars in the next couple of years.

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      1. Haha, same – there are about a million books that seem more urgent than To Sleep in a Sea of Stars at the moment, so I doubt I’ll be getting to it any time soon… Unless I suddenly see marvelous reviews all over the place or something 😅

        Gefällt 1 Person

      2. I’ve read a couple of reviews and apparently there’s a character called Gregorovitch, so apparently Paolini still has zero creativity to even create an original character name that isn’t copied from another bestseller. People also say that the writing is still as bland as the characters are and that while it’s plot-driven, the plot doesn’t pick up until around page 100…so I just decided to never pick this up 🤦🏻‍♂️

        Gefällt 1 Person

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