All the Books I Read Last Year

Top 10 of 2020:
2020 is the year of the Coronavirus. It’s also the year I finally got my shit together. Coincidence? I don’t think so. Anyway, I did my bachelor and published my debut novel, so I’ve had a year where I can sit back in December and say how very, very proud I am of me.

2020 is also the year I came back to reading and oh boy, did I come back to reading. I’ve never really been away from reading, but I was reading like, a book at a time, probably 10-20 books per year. Yeah. And I’ve never written a book review before this year, which has also changed…anyway, here they are… if you click on them, you get to my reviews. Obviously, my reading adiction didn’t appear until May.

…My reads of 2020 (Re-reads and short stories not included):


Ninth House – Bardugo (5)


The Lies of Locke Lamora – Lynch (5)
King of Scars – Bardugo (4)
Red Seas Under Red Skies – Lynch (5)
Tales from the Perilous Realm – Tolkien (3)
Prince of Thorns – Lawrence (2)

Best: The Lies of Locke Lamora
Worst: Prince of Thorns


A Torch Against the Night – Tahir (4)
Wolf Hall – Mantel (5)
Tyll – Kehlmann (5)
The Way of Kings – Sanderson (1)
My Lady Jane – Hand, Ashton, Meadows (4)
The Thief – Turner (2)
The Pale Horseman – Cornwell (3)
Der Fall Collini – Schirach (1)
Blood Song – Ryan (3)
The Language of Thorns – Bardugo (4)
An Ember in the Ashes – Tahir (5)
Half A King – Abercrombie (3)
The Prague Cemetery/Der Friedhof in Prag – Eco (4)
The Republic of Thieves – Lynch (4)
Best: Wolf Hall
Worst: Der Fall Collini


The Painted Man – Brett (1)
The Game of Kings – Dunnett (5. Go read it.)
Pachinko – Lee (4)
The Man in the Iron Mask – Dumas (2)
A Reaper at the Gates – Tahir (3)
The Mirror and the Light – Mantel (4)
Bring Up the Bodies – Mantel (5)
Twenty Years After – Dumas (3)
Best: The Game of Kings
Worst: The Painted Man


Wir Verlorenen – Taysen (2)
Living the Way – Aiden (5)
My Plain Jane – Ashton, Hand, Meadows (3)
The Blade Itself – Abercrombie (3)
Die Legende von Enyador – Valentin (1)
The Disorderly Knights – Dunnett (5)
The Picture of Dorian Gray – Wilde (5)
Das Mysterium – Müller (2)
Die Brillenmacherin – Müller (3)
Queen’s Play – Dunnett (5)
Constellation – Letemple (3)
Die Vermessung der Welt – Kehlmann (3)
Brethren – Pearson (2)
Das Salz der Friesen – Scheepker
Paper Money – Follett (3)
Best: The Disorderly Knights
Worst: Die Legende von Enyador


The Unspoken Name – Larkwood (3)
The Slow Regard of Silent Things – Rothfuss (2)
Piranesi – Clarke (4)
Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell – Clarke (5)
Jane Eyre – Bronte (5)
Seven Blades in Black – Sykes (3)
Best: Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell
Worst: The Slow Regard of Silent Things


The Devil and the Dark Water – Turton (3)
The White Prince – Horton (1)
A Deadly Education – Novik (4)
The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue – Schwab (5)
Pawn in Frankincense – Dunnett (5)
Kissing the Coronavirus – Edwards (1)
Crowned A Traitor – Callaghan (3)
Best: Pawn in Frankincense
Worst: Kissing the Coronavirus


Before They Are Hanged – Abercrombie (5)
The Countess of Haberlund – Viedenz (5, easily)
Erfrorene Seele – Sellmann (4)
Herkunft – Stanisic (5)
Nichts ist, wie es scheint – Butter (5)
Last Argument of Kings – Abercrombie (5)
Circe – Miller (4)
Best: Last Argument of Kings
Worst: The Countess of Haberlund cause I wrote it in a single afternoon and it’s not really that good.


Unsichtbar – Viedenz (5, of course)
Leaving the Way – Aiden (2)
The Ringed Castle – Dunnett (4)
The Raven Boys – Stiefvater (4)
A Sky Beyond the Storm – Tahir (2)
The Gilded Wolves – Chokshi (3)
Feeding Frenzy – Hurd (4)
The Final Empire – Sanderson (5)
Narrenturm/Tower of Fools – Sapkowksi (2)
The Well of Ascension – Sanderson (4)
The Hero of Ages – Sanderson (5)
Checkmate – Dunnett (6))

Best Book of the Year Award: Checkmate
Worst Book of the Year Award: Die Legende von Enyador
Best Surprise of the Year Award: The Final Empire
Worst Disappointment of the Year Award: A Sky Beyond the Storm

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