Quick-Review: TOWER OF FOOLS/ NARRENTURM by Andrzej Sapkowski

(English version below) Eine sinn- und handlungslose, ständig mäandernde Groteske, gefüllt mit viel zu vielen Informationen und Details, ohne Fortschritt und mitreißende Charaktermotivation.


YES! I loved it! Don’t look at me like that, I was so friggin afraid that I wouldn’t enjoy it. In a way, reading the book itself made me feel high stakes since I was so, so, so afraid that it would disappoint me as much as The Way of Kings did – and that didn’t happen!

2021 New Releases I Want to Read

I think it’s pretty obvious what this post is about – so, here are books that will be published next year I’m excited about! I’ll start with my highlight and then the rest follows in chronological order. Leigh Bardugo: Rule of Wolves (King of Scars Duology #2) – March 30th The wolves are circling and„2021 New Releases I Want to Read“ weiterlesen


A.W.E.S.O.M.E. „Feeding Frenzy“ is a perfectly-paced mixture of urban fantasy and comedy, filled with hilarious banter between its two main protagonists. Summer and Ophelia are monster hunters, but their work is more complicated than Geralt of Rivia’s in The Witcher.


Ein schön geschriebener Versuch, „Das Lied der Krähen“ mit vielfältigeren Charakteren und Rätseln zu reproduzieren, die fast genau aus „Sakrileg“ kopiert wurden. Daher fehlt es ganz entschieden an Originalität und dieses Buch kann nie das tun, was seine Schreibvorlagen so bravourös getan haben: Es bleibt ein blasser Schatten ihrer Brillanz, aber ist eine unterhaltsame Lektüre, bis zu dem verpfuschten, schlecht geschriebenen Ende.


A nicely written try to recreate Six of Crows with more diverse characters and riddles almost exactly copied from The Da Vinci Code. Thanks to that, it lacks originality and it can never do the things these books did as good as they did: it stays a pale copy of their brilliance, but is an entertaining read, right up to the botched, badly written ending.

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