I’ll always be thankful for being a 90’s kid, because this made me part of this blessed generation that could grow up with these books. Reading these now as a child of that age must be great, but reading them as a child of that age, Harry’s age, as they were published, was just the best reading experience I’ve ever had and without a doubt will ever have.


This is perhaps the most unique fantasy book written in the last fifty years, both intelligent and fascinating. You need a lot of patience for this one – I don’t think I’ve ever needed this much time for a book I really liked, but it’s totally worth it. The writing is superb, the characters are strong and entertaining, and the world-building is in a league of its own.


Kate Callaghan’s ‚Crowned A Traitor‘ is literally a hell of a book: its main protagonist Klara is none other than Lucifer’s daughter who is destined to be his heir as ruler of Hell. There are just two problems. Klara really, really doesn’t want to rule Hell. And while this book starts off really strong, the ending is completely unsatisfying because it’s so exaggeratedly surprising. The big revelations appear so much out of nowhere that it feels like cheating – therefore, only three stars.

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