Ein bockstarkes Mystery über die Kraft von Sprache und Erinnerung, sprachgewaltig erzählt und perfekt zusammengesetzt. Berit Sellmanns ‚Erfrorene Seele‘ wird langsam und beeindruckend aufgebaut und mit gleich mehreren elegant vorbereiteten Überraschungen aufgelöst – dieser Roman lässt wirklich nur ganz wenige Wünsche offen.


People, it’s NaNoWriMo which I spend mostly on the sequel to my debut novel (December 1st!!!), but I’ve also written two short stories in English this week because why not and because people kept asking me to write something in English. Feel free to read them, especially if you like dark humour!


A witty, hard, amazingly sarcastic masterpiece featuring a sassy, brilliant protagonist with one of the most entertaining voices in modern Fantasy. Naomi Novik’s ‚A Deadly Education‘ turns the whole genre conventions of magical school books upside down and is both original and blessed with a compelling protagonist.


I’m late to the party: this is my first V.E. Schwab novel. And guess what? I’m now a steadfast Schwabista for life. ‚The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue‘ was my most anticipated new release-read of the year, not only because it was released on my birthday, and it was even better than I hoped. Schwab has writen an epic story full of heartbreak, love and cleverness that is carried by its extraordinary protagonist: Addie LaRue is a character you’ll – most ironically – never forget.


Kate Callaghan’s ‚Crowned A Traitor‘ is literally a hell of a book: its main protagonist Klara is none other than Lucifer’s daughter who is destined to be his heir as ruler of Hell. There are just two problems. Klara really, really doesn’t want to rule Hell. And while this book starts off really strong, the ending is completely unsatisfying because it’s so exaggeratedly surprising. The big revelations appear so much out of nowhere that it feels like cheating – therefore, only three stars.

Review: PIRANESI (2020)

‚Piranesi‘ is the second Susanna Clarke novel I’ve read, and it’s completely different from Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell. Not only is her second novel a lot shorter than her massive debut, Susanna Clarke is also brave enough to write an altogether different book with a new setting, new characters, and an intriguing, mysterious plot.

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