Kritik: SCHOLOMANCE – Tödliche Lektion

Ein witziges, hartes, erstaunlich sarkastisches Meisterwerk mit einer frechen, brillanten Protagonistin mit einer der unterhaltsamsten Stimmen der modernen Fantasy. Naomi Noviks „Scholomance“ stellt die genreübergreifenden Konventionen magischer Schulbücher auf den Kopf und ist originell und mit einer fesselnden Erzählerin gesegnet.


A witty, hard, amazingly sarcastic masterpiece featuring a sassy, brilliant protagonist with one of the most entertaining voices in modern Fantasy. Naomi Novik’s ‚A Deadly Education‘ turns the whole genre conventions of magical school books upside down and is both original and blessed with a compelling protagonist.

Review: PIRANESI (2020)

‚Piranesi‘ is the second Susanna Clarke novel I’ve read, and it’s completely different from Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell. Not only is her second novel a lot shorter than her massive debut, Susanna Clarke is also brave enough to write an altogether different book with a new setting, new characters, and an intriguing, mysterious plot.


This book has waffle-lover Nina Zenik, badass Zoya Nazyalensky and a lot of Nikolai Lantsov. Couldn’t ask for more…at least that’s what I thought before reading it the very first time. It turns out that there are more familiar characters from the trilogy in this one, and at least one appearance heavily affected my verdict about this book.

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